Datpol needs to fix the quirky SpS\SpSFW GUIs.

Datpol needs to explain how the SpPFW firewall works.

Datpol needs to fix the inability of SpS\SpSFW to fully protect a 64-bit system.

Datpol needs to fix the SpS\SpSFW inability to terminate some processes from within an alert pop-up.

Datpol needs to fix the dismhost.exe inability to execute at system idle Automatic Maintenance.

Datpol needs to fix a lot of things...


Level 3
The GUI of SpS and even more the pop ups, takes me back to WinXP era HIPS. It's too rough, too plain, just annoying. Everything needs overhaul. They need to make bigger clicking surfaces on their pop ups too, to make it quicker to decide and click what you want to do with the alert.