Sr. normal 2.0 Pseudo Secure Configuration


Sr. Normal 2.0

Well my friends, I am fully aware that I have a strange configuration :eek: and i have a little defensive hole.

I'm a ZoneAlarm´s fanboy. I love it. :cool: I know also if I say that I have a Eset SS 9 until January, my case is more worrying. :oops: I know there are better suites, and even free combos, but I have no choice. ZoneAlarm is for me like that young love that I return recurrently :D and it is a good couple for Qihoo in my other configurations, but a friend gave me this license and I am delighted. ;) She also gave another to @Ankh and he had a very bad experience.:eek::D:D

I think what my security fails and it´s because I have no password. It is a computer used by many people, :(when I created different accounts, simply they have ignored it with the excuse that "it is only a small moment, I will not log in as another user for only some minutes." :mad: In the end I desisted and trust my luck to Paragon B & R

Mine is a somewhat minimalist setting. Except for Civ 4 and Left 4 Dead 2 (basic softwares), :D Clover, Opera, Yandex, Thunderbird, Firefox, WiseCare and Reg Organizer, everything else is portable.
I especially recommend PortableApps to have all organized and properly updated. Here I have LibreOffice, Sumatra PDF, ShareX, Media Player Classic ...
Bandizip, FastStone Image Viewer and of course, Crystal Security are others portables apps i really love

This is my setup, I hear your recommendations attentively, you know, I'm here to learn. Thanks mates :)


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Jul 28, 2016
thanks for sharing your config Vato! I is nice to see that you stay true to your eternall love in your case zonealarm ( I do wonder what your wife has to say about that :) ) it is complete so no worries....great job my friend :)


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Aug 6, 2014
Nice config! ZoneAlarm uses Kaspersky engine so it shouldn't be that bad and they have a solid and very decent firewall. No need to worry and if so, zemana will help a bit ;)
Great to see you use duckduckgo.
I have nothing really to add. Stay safe my friend, but with this config, it shouldn't be a problem! :)

Sr. Normal 2.0

After a good friend? :eek:, got infected my computer I have made some changes

ZoneAlarm Extreme Security :(. I think I have to fix my unhealthy relationship with ZoneAlarm. I love itS firewall, but the suite must be improved a lot. Is really easily infect the browser and thus the computer. The latest version is not yet translated into Spanish, so I'll give you a break from Check Point products.
Adguard premium

Quihoo 360 TS (Avira Enabled and Bitdefender Disabled)
Evorim Free Firewall (Paranoic Mode, Lock Windows Telemetry: On)
ZAM Premium and Ublock Origin in all my browsers

Change Version

I´m running MBAE now in paid version

Thanks for reading and for your advices :)
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Sr. Normal 2.0

A curious thing about Evorim Free Firewall
The paranoid mode is really paranoid. It asks permission to run itself in the first restart :eek::eek:


Sr. Normal 2.0

@kev216 Thanks my friend! :) But ... well, it has been pretty easy to infect my computer. ZoneAlarm, for me, was better before than now. Now it seems more a scrap of integrated solutions under one GUI to a real solution. :(

@Trickster Black Sabbath Firewall would be really appropriate for my config. :eek: Hahaha! Thanks my vriend! :)

@tonibalas and I you my friend. :) Perhaps this firewall has Also do "Ironic Mode" :eek: and I have activated it unintentionally. :confused: It just made me laugh so much effort for a job well done :rolleyes:

@_CyberGhosT_ In fact to be "normal" I recognize that I am something peculiar. I am a proud user of ZoneAlarm, Qihoo, :eek: I like Yandex ... :confused: yes my friend, maybe normal as a night with two moons, but normal :oops::D

Sr. Normal 2.0

Very good config, thanks for sharing my friend! :)

PS: about Evorim Firewall, maybe an identity crisis :p:D
It´s not so bad my friend ;) The great question that I have is to run it alone or together with Windows Firewall.:eek:

But I recognize that it is very light, simple ... and funny. o_O It never will be ZoneAlarm, but it's a soft I want to see it grow ;):)


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Jul 28, 2016
Vato there is thread about it on wilders and the replies it got would have me reconsider using this firewall. Even with the telemetery blocker on and in paranoïd mode the app is still sending out data from and to your pc. That makes me wonder you would have been better off with the free zonealarm firewall or comodo's!!!