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I wasn't able to imagine how great this malwaretips is in my language(Persian) it say's haring isn't enough you should see it your self.I don't how it's look like in your.


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Welcome to MT!
I will suggest some softwares for your computer.
Add Zemana AntiMalware as on demand scanner. and please use HitmanPro.Alert, you will use 30 days trial then it turns to free version and it is very good even for a free software.
Please add HTTPS Everywhere to your browser.

Thanks for sharing you config :)
Thanks for your advise I'm going to take a look.Almost I had already read about this software and adds but mostly I'm interesting about tools for browser security.Firs antivirus I had was Eset and someone else installed that on my pc as I didn't had information about antiviruses as I had it now and I get infected hardly(believe it;)). After trusting American's like norton-mcafee-webroot and of course sweet trend micro I had faced many malwares but they all failed and I'm never think about second line of defense but Iam going to try hitman.Thank you:).

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I suggest you to install BitDefender 60 Virus Scanner, or MalwareBytes.
Another advice is to install DownThemAll! extension for you browser, and uBlock to blocking the advertisements, then you can also install Collusion, an extension for Mozilla Firefox and for other browsers (like Chrome), that allows you to know which websites are tracking you.
Anyway, thanks for sharing your config! :)


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Make sure UAC is enabled to at least default
Some type of backup solution
CCleaner or Privazer if not already installed
Consider the previous suggestions also


Webroot is innovative software with some nifty features. I like it in some respects.

However, it does not protect settings against malwares that can disable:
  • UAC
  • Windows firewall
  • Action\Security Center
Additionally, it cannot rollback certain screenlock ransomwares that I tested against it.

Finally, Webroot's firewall controls are disabled on W8/8.1 and W10 systems - not because of Webroot but because of Windows. So some form of outbound network connection notification is recommended - such as BiniSoft's Windows Firewall Control ($10, Lifetime license, unlimited installs).

The Webroot Intelligence Network has adware in it - just like all other AV file rating clouds\databases. Webroot allowed a few "Install Monsters" during my testing... not the end of the world, but more of a huge nuisance.

For best results use a limited Guest Account as much as possible... which should be done as a matter of course. My alternative was to supplement Webroot with the anti-executable VooDooShield. That was a really good combo.

If you supplement Webroot with a firewall monitor and an anti-executable, that whole combo will provide a very high level security during typical use. Plus the whole combo is light on system resources... which is a nice compared to some resource hogs.

On my specific AMD W8.1 system there were some quirks; file monitoring controls mis-behaved and it did not get along with Shadow Defender. Ultimately, despite my liking Webroot a lot, I uninstalled it due to the performance issues on my specific system.


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Thank you, SR7M, for sharing your configuration.:)

Add to your browsing security by using the free sandbox app, Sandboxie. All changes (inside the sandbox) last temporarily, & reset back to a former state when the sandbox. is deleted. This protects your system from infections/or mistaken changes. Those you wish to keep (settings, added extensions, or browser updates) must be performed outside the sandbox.
for added privacy in Firefox,
  1. ..go to menu (3 horizontal lines)
  2. <click> 'Options'
  3. Under Privacy >> 'History' >> choose: Firefox will 'Never remember history'
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