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Sep 12, 2017
My parent’s computer was purchased in 2012 with a Corsair Force 3 120GB SSD. It hasn’t given any issues so far. I’m considering how much longer it will last. I can’t find any specs on this SSD that tells me any info about lifespan or TBW. I’m not sure how to interpret everything Crystal Disk Info tells me. Does it tell me anything about how much longer the SSD will work for?

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Apr 21, 2016
Crystal Disk Info provides information about the health, temperature, and attributes of your SSD, but it does not directly indicate how much longer the SSD will last. The attributes section of Crystal Disk Info can give you an idea of the SSD's wear by examining the Wear Leveling Count, which represents the number of times data has been written to the SSD. However, this may not be an exact measure of lifespan as SSDs can continue to function even after reaching their maximum write endurance.

Since you are unable to find the SSD's TBW (Total Bytes Written) specification, one way to estimate its lifespan is to monitor the SSD's health and temperature over time. If the health starts deteriorating rapidly or the temperature rises significantly, it might be an indication that the SSD is reaching the end of its lifespan. It's also a good idea to keep a backup of important data, just in case the SSD fails unexpectedly.
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Apr 2, 2018
As long SMART status is good, health condition is not ~70%, and speed test is at around manufacturer advertised (not dip a lot) then it is fine. I have Samsung SSD 840 EVO back in 2013 - 2014 with over 14TB written now and 95% health, and the drive is still good as day one. Speed test is still around manufacturer advertised. SSD can last a very long time unless you are written a lot of data on it.



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Dec 4, 2014
There's no way to tell exactly how long a SSD will last. When manufacturers provide a TBW rating, it's only an estimate. SSDs can often last longer than the TBW indicates. CrystalDiskMark shows a health of 99%, which indicates that only 1% of the estimated writes the SSD can sustain have been used. So in theory, it could last for many decades before it fails.


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Aug 10, 2013
If you have data that you consider important you need to have (external) backups. Crystal Disk info is a nice software but nothing can save you from random bad luck and hardware breakdowns out of the blue (which can happen).
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