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Jan 8, 2011
SteamVR - Introducing SteamVR 2.0 - Steam News

Today we are excited to ship SteamVR 2.0 to all users!

In this release we’re bringing all of what’s new and exciting on the Steam platform into VR. This is our first big step in a larger ongoing effort to better unify the Steam ecosystem for all users, providing a more consistent experience across devices. This update also allows us to add new Steam features in the future much faster and more frequently.
Some things you’ll discover today:
  • Most of the current features of Steam and Steam Deck are now part of SteamVR
  • Updated keyboard with support for dual-cursor typing, new languages, emojis, and themes
  • Integration of Steam Chat and Voice Chat
  • Improved Store that puts new and popular VR releases front and center
  • Easy access to Steam notifications
Read more for Release Notes.


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Jan 8, 2011
Update: SteamVR 2.2

Experimental support for AMD GPUs, visual improvements, and more!

With this update, we are adding experimental support for some AMD GPUs to Steam Link. We’ve also addressed several rough edges in the experience and performance of Steam Link.

Steam Link:
  • AMD GPUs:
    • Experimental support - Recent AMD Cards with HEVC hardware encoders:
      • RX570 and newer
    • Unsupported - Older cards and cards without HEVC hardware encoders:
      • RX 6400 – No HEVC
      • RX 6500 XT – No HEVC
      • Most cards older than RX570
  • Visual Experience:
    • Enable 10-bit video encoding on AMD graphics cards with this capability
    • Enable “Advanced Supersample Filtering”. This improves video quality when using high supersampling rates.
    • HMD Interstitial performance improvement
    • Fix frame-sync bug causing extra jitter
  • Connection Issues:
    • Allow connection to proceed even in network configurations without QoS support
    • Error 200 - Allow connections for users with missing QoS bits contributing to error 200
    • Stream resets and recovery – Reduced friction related to stream resets and recovery for some networks
  • General:
    • Fix for multiple crashes particularly when under extreme load
    • Debug UI improvements
    • Reduced some log spam
    • Change headset behavior to reduce reliance on lack of motion for entering "standby" state
    • SteamVR Session End - Returns user to Steam Link start menu
    • Speed up how quickly users can click the “Connect” button when starting stream
    • Fix not updating wifi AP name on interstitial
    • Improve AMD feedback when running on unsupported cards.
    • Tweak mini graph levels in debug UI.
    • Added tongue tracking to OSC output.
    • Change way SteamVR detects/attempts to connect to Steam, to avoid issue where SteamVR thinks Steam is gone.
    • Resolved issue causing black screen in 2D UI while transitioning between activities.
  • Fix for extended mode "Headset Window" not showing up in Window's taskbar
  • Supersampling - Re-enable “Advanced Supersample Filtering" for Meta headsets. This allows higher supersampling rates without causing aliasing in the HMD. Can be toggled under Advanced Video Settings. Note: This does not apply to Virtual Desktop.
  • The ‘VR Dashboard on System Button’ advanced setting is now only visible in the desktop settings menu
  • SteamVR desktop widget Always On Top temporarily disabled while viewing desktop or 2D app in headset.
  • Fix for dashboard switching to facemouse mode when dismissing theater screen.
  • Fixed a memory leak where calling xrDestroySwapchain on a Vulkan swapchain would not free memory.
  • Proper D3D12 swapchain usage flag handling (including UAV support).
  • Mipmap and sample counts are now obeyed for D3D12 swapchain image creation.

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