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As you have guessed this is not anything new, and rogue developers are still able to scam iOS users. See the links below:

App name: Kasper Internet Security
Description: Content Blocker, Block Ads
Offers 3-day trial, thereafter Charges $99.99 per week to your iTunes account

Possible SCAM App:
Developer: Dmitrii Portnov
Possible hijacked website to host supposed "Privacy Policy":
Attached is screenshot of page:
Screenshot-2018-1-22 Kasper Internet Security on the App Store.png


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I'm amazed that app stores either it's Apple, Google and even Microsoft don't seam to have " Name " filters that actually works as that would very easy make it much harder to upload and share things like this that has a very similar or close app names as the genuine ones. In this case it's just 3 letters, s, k and y in the first word. That would nip alot of the crap that floats around and also annoy those that deserves it.