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Feb 11, 2016
I'd like to say a few things.

Note: Long story
Firstly, my config is NOT the best. You'll find at least five thousand better configs than mine. Why? Because they're probably cheaper and do the same job, or more pro-active, or more-efficient, or less resource intensive, there's one hundred reasons to find and use a better config than mine. But if you find mine interesting, and would like to add/suggest something, you have my sincere thanks. :)

Secondly, my last infection was in, approximately, 2004. Remember Norton software back then? A bar like thing going up and down a computer picture, showing that scanning was going on? I was a technophobe and an idiot back then, and I kept switching between Norton, F-secure and Kaspersky, until I settled on Kaspersky in the recent 5-6 years. I eventually intend to migrate to Sophos, provided they integrate the antivirus and the firewall together into one software.

I believe that the best security is a Proactive approach. Web of Trust (not infallible, but reasonable), scanning links AND downloads with the Virus total extension for Firefox, keeping myself updated on social media and websites (MalwareTips, Malwarebytes, AV-Test, AV-Comparatives, PC-Mag, etc). I followed a simple rule until I got smarter: Rule #1 - Don't trust anything.

I have been lurking on MalwareTips before most members appeared I remember lots and lots of people and even some cute, nooby, know-nothing-weirdoes who became staff and/or respected members after growing their knowledge on this amazing website. I could even name some of their cute moments when they thought that Norton was the best in the world and nothing ever, ever came close. Now, they sing a different tune, but it was still cute to see them defend Norton as though they built the company up themselves.

Point being, even though I'm not an IT expert, I have more than ten years of experience through the eyes of a layman who may not know or care about the difference between various security software, their functions, firewall, the differences between viruses, adware, malware, spyware, rootkits... whatever. It's a lonely journey and one filled with obstacles, but with the help of experience and friendliness, we are able to find what we need, and traverse the dark wide web, minimizing our fears.

I know that my Config is Premium-Oriented. I am aware it's not an optimum situation to imitate... because not everyone has a Credit Card to make online purchases. Not all software is available at Target, or wherever. But maybe we have a friend, or relative, or someone who does own a credit card. Assuming that most of us have some kind of job - whether part-time or full-time, all it requires is paying them back in full in cash. Or, it requires a bit of improvisation and thinking. I know that, having been (lurked) on this forum for years; that most of you are aware, but I'm still going to remind those who don't know, or haven't read it yet:

Afterwards, you can do whatever you want, change the country to your own, etc. The license remains the same. I've saved hundreds of dollars.

Note: This trick is NOT guaranteed to work on each and every website. Most, though, appropriately scaledown or jack-up the price of the software, depending on the country and the state of the economy of the country they wish to sell to. Sales Maximization - Economy 101.

That said, thank you for reading my config. Please feel free to say anything without fear of reprisal or argument. I appreciate your inputs also.


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Jan 29, 2016
awesome. All premium/ licensed
I can say its very good. Enjoy!

Deleted member 178

if you don't care much about a system backup , you are good to go ;)


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Oct 23, 2012
Good config but I would consider a system back up solution.
Thanks for sharing your config :)

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