Level 29
Mainly use it for games and school work (VMware), Photoshop, HyperV Server 2016, learning how to manage my classes computers and databases. Ever since I found this site, been testing a lot of new software and opening my mind up to different apps and programs. What can I say, before MT, my system is so open to attacks, I feel a lot better now with all the software I have tried and gotten thru MT giveaways!!!!! Especially Shadow Defender, can not say enough good things about that app, Love it.

@Vasudev , Tried XTU and I scored pretty low :(, managed a 3.9 OC without adding voltage. Kinda wary of OCing it as I need it to last me thru college. Screenshot of test results : View attachment 125538

Did a comparision online and what others are able to achieve with the 5820k is astonishing!!! Happy with stock speeds for now, runs my games and everything I throw at it with no hiccup.

XTU score of 1525 vs 2398 (Current Record) is not shabby for stock configs. =D I am placed in 1582th place, :)
Don't OC much in XTU, the key in scoring higher is, maintain lowest temps under max stress ie, if you're clocks are rock stable, you're awarded higher score. You can also undervolt it by certain voltages to get higher points. I did undervolt 20mV and scored 970 ish points from 950,963.
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