Switchblade, a portable troubleshooting toolkit

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    This is a great tool to have if you are going to help a friend or family member out with a PC problem.It is actually a nice tool to have period.

    Helge’s Switchblade may not be the largest tool collection for this purpose you ever come across, but that does not mean that the 220 Megabyte download does not ship with a great selection of third party tools and options to troubleshoot PC problems.

    It is portable.The program displays all options in a simple launcher-like application. Here you find portable apps and install tools on top, and below that a selection of commands and options to diagnose and repair problems.


    The list of programs include highly popular applications such as Putty, True Crypt, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware or CCleaner which you can start with a click on the applications’ button in the interface.

    You can use the program to quickly retrieve system log files which are then saved in the directory of the portable application but only if there is enough storage available and writing is enabled (you can’t write on a DVD for instance that has been burned). The program can pull application, system, Windows update and security logs for you so that you do not have to do that manually or browse the event viewer of the system to find troubleshooting answers.

    The network group offers options to run often-used network commands such as ipconfig /flushdns or ipconfig /all which may help you resolve network related issues. While you can ping google using the buttons here, commands like tracert are missing from the program so that you may still need to open the command prompt to run those commands. Still, the commands available can speed things up for you.

    You also find options to backup and restore drivers here, and to install the K-Lite Codec package if you want to add a bunch of system-wide codecs to the system. That’s however not really necessary most of the time as Media Player Classic is part of the troubleshooting software.

    The program lists a couple of links in its interface, leading to pages where you can download Radeon or NVIDIA graphics drivers, search Windows Error Codes or check the system for open ports.

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    i used it before for a while, but now i have a customized version of Hiren boot CD
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    Never heard of this before, but have added to my tool list.

    As Umbra has done I have customised my Hiern Boot CD as well. :) Nothing can beat a good old CD. :p
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    [​IMG]Helge's Switchblade v0.7

    The current bundle is also the more compact version, which doesn’t include Apache (amongst other things), and that makes for a much smaller download (45MB as opposed to more than 220MB).

    And yet the package also greatly ramps up its troubleshooting abilities with some very useful system monitoring and tracking tools. AppCrashView gives you a detailed view of the last system crashes, for instance. LastActivityView provides a vast amount of information about what’s been happening recently on the target PC (startups, shutdowns, user logons and logoffs, programs run, applications installed and more). While Process Hacker shows you exactly what’s running on your system right now.

    The interface has been revamped a little, with Switchblade’s various programs and features now all organized into four tabs (Security Tools, System Tools, Networking, Other).

    And the "System Information" pane now correctly displayed the free RAM, IP address and host name of our test PC (previously this was blank).

    Malwarebytes AntiMalware,Iobit Uninstaller and ASC have been removed

    CHANGELOG 10.01.2013

    * Updated layout
    * Removed all copyright infringing programs & replaced them with open source or freeware alternatives
    * Minor Bug Fixes
    * Code Cleanup

    Download Helges Switchblade v0.7 SETUP.exe (46.4 MB)


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