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I always find it ridiculous that such a important feature is only available for pro.
You get 2FA via Authentication Apps which is sufficient for most, and there is extra security for those who need it.

Buying a YubiKey isn't an investment for everyone, in fact it costs more than 1 year of LastPass Premium.
Please note to work with LastPass, you will need a YubiKey 5 Series key.

A lot to multi-tier solutions add extra security and privacy features to paid / Premium tiers.

Privacy-based VPN example : ProtonVPN Plus has Secure Core whereas Free does not. You pay for the extra measures.


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LastPass (Free) allows multi-device. You can set-up restrictions if you do not want your LastPass to be used in different countries, Tor, mobile devices etc.

The Premium tier gives extra peace of mind.
- Unlimited sharing of passwords, items and notes
- 1GB encrypted file storage
- Premium multi-factor authentication like YubiKey
- Priority tech support
- Desktop fingerprint authentication
Correction, I meant more than ONE user for syncing. My wife, daughter and I could not use that for free on Lastpass but can and do with Bitwarden!
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Well that’s even less free. I

Well that’s even less free. I thought @Tutman was suggesting that feature was free compared to lastpass free. Misunderstood.
Bitwarden is free for unlimited device syncing.


FREE forever
We believe that security is important for everyone. The core features of Bitwarden are 100% free.

  • Access & install all Bitwarden apps
  • Sync all of your devices, no limits!
  • Store unlimited items in your vault
  • Logins, notes, cards, & identities
  • Two-step login (2FA)
  • Secure password generator
  • Self-host your own server (optional)