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its funny i have tried them all but dont like most of them I know there all good products and if not looking for malware im sure evryone will
protect you but i find quirks with them

1.kaspersky just seems like im always updating data base manually that bothers me.

2.Mcafee my saying it gives you everything but the kitchen sink

3.Eset i have never had a problem uninstalling until a topic here a few weeks back that it never uninstalls well 2x it now has happened to
me both safe mode removal and internet sometimes did not work for me a few times had to reboot.

4,Norton sometimes sonar works sometimes it does not

5 Avast it just feels like all they want to do is sale you something more a Sams club then a security program

6,Avira cant stand the umbrella thing in taskbar reminds me of panda with little panda bear bad enough

7.Comodo wont even discuss we all know

the only security program that seems to work for me with really no problems is Gdata i know bitdefender clone but it just
works the best on my machine.

as i said before they all are going to protect you it just comes down to what you the user feels most comfortable with no matter
who or what anyone or any site says.


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I thought it was just me regarding the Avira umbrella - I'm over finiky about icons in the first place but it's probably the main reason I refuse to use Avira - Emsisoft need a better icon than the minuscule one they have too :oops::oops::oops:

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If we take the claims of every AV Vendor at face value we must conclude that aliens are buying AV on Earth. The human population with access to computers just isn't enough for everyone to be right...
in fact, i know how these numbers may be accurate, you have a secret group of guys installing all those AVs at same time on hundreds of VMs, but because they are idiots, they think they have to put a new license every time they reset the VM :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:


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Here, how the AV popularity is seen by vendors:

WD 500 millions users

McAfee 500 mln users

Avast (and AVG) 435 mln users

Kaspersky 400 mln users

Eset 110 mln users

Avira 100 mln users

Symantec 50 mln users

WD and McAfee are often preinstalled on computers. McAfee is usually removed (trial version). WD is often replaced by another AV.

Added Kaspersky and Avira.
Kudos to Symantec, Avira and ESET for staying a bit humble than the others 😄


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In some places Avira says that they have more than 500 million users.

Welcome to Team Avira
Our mission: Protecting people in the connected world
We’re an international software company at the forefront of imagining the future of digital security. Avira’s award-winning products and technology protect over 500 million users in the connected world.

What makes us special? First and foremost – it’s the authentic people at Avira. We have a great community feeling that fosters your uniqueness and offers the space to reflect, the feedback to grow, and the freedom to innovate. If you are looking for a culture that also encourages aspiration and professional excellence, get in touch with us and discover the Avira experience firsthand.

In the OEM blog and in the cloud whitepaper they repeat the 500 million users number:




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One day, the day when the number of users exceeds the population of the earth will come.:eek:
3.2 Billion people have access to the Internet in the world... I believe if you add statistics from all vendors you already have more than that...



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3.2 Billion people have access to the Internet in the world... I believe if you add statistics from all vendors you already have more than that...

But some people have an employer provided pc and a personal pc. Persons such as myself.