T-Mobile and Google teaming up is a smart business move


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Jan 8, 2011
At the end of March, T-Mobile announced that it was partnering with Google to "deliver best‑in‑class mobile and TV experiences, and showcase (the) range of android devices," which was a wordy way to say T-Mobile was going to use more Google services and sell future Google Pixel phones in its retail division along with many of the other best Android phones.

What that means is that:
  • T-Mobile's TVision service to offer live television will be replaced by YouTube TV.
  • T-Mobile's cloud storage service will be replaced with Google One.
  • T-Mobile is going to offer more Pixel devices that help "showcase" its 5G capabilities and will sell "Android TV OS" devices, too.
  • T-Mobile is going to adopt the right RCS profile so it can use Google's Messages as the default messaging app on all Android-powered devices.
What else it means is that the entire Android ecosystem gets better because of these changes — including for you and me as users.

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Oct 22, 2018
T-Mobile is our service. I think I'll hang onto my Motorola as long as possible. It isn't 5G compatible, but 4G is plenty fast. I'm not sure whether I like this partnership or not, but T-Mobile offers the best plan for those over 55 yrs of any of the services, so we will stay with them.


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Aug 21, 2020
And what is Google getting in exchange? Even more data and metadata. Nope. I like to keep my ISP and Internet platforms separated.
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