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Sep 2, 2021
Hello and welcome to the Tencent test!
Tencent is a Chinese company, very well known in many fields. They have launched their antivirus a few years ago, but, will it be effective?

The answer is: NO!

Only one detection, a virtual machine infected too quickly!
It has the engine of Bitdefender, but it never reacted, however up to date. I think that Tencent must receive Bitdefender's updates several days late.
A malware even prevents the test of the package from taking place, killing the analysis process, which closes the program completely...

When I run the disinfection tools, you can see the disaster...

Antivirus not recommended.

RAM Usage : Light
Phishing Test : Not tested, no anti-phishing
Malware URL test : 1/9 (ONLY 1 blocked ! )
Fake crack : 0.50/1 (6 malwares blocked, but many go undetected)
Malware Pack : Not tested. Malware closes the scanning process, which kills the antivirus. Stop the test

Result :
- Hitman Pro : 31
- Zemana : 0
- NPE : 29
- ESET OnlineScan : 37