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Hi all,
this is a ranking of the most vulnerable Adobe products!

-Adobe Air

-Apple TV

-Adobe Reader

-Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat from the beginning of 2015 has already received 32 attacks.


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Adobe software is NOT unsafe to use.

Adobe software is highly recognised and popular amongst business users. I have Adobe Acrobat DC installed on some computers, as features available are required by the UK Government. They create very good products, for example, Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro are used in education and by professionals, and many others.

I would rather use Adobe Flash Player than Microsoft Silverlight for viewing online content, say 5 years ago.


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Just like Windows compared to Mac.There are more attacks on Windows because it is used so much more than Mac and is the OS for most every Business,Government and Institutional agencies.
Problem isn't Adobe it's that they make products that are used more than other products.I have never had a problem using Adobe products,you just have to make sure you update it like anything else.


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Its pretty sum up where known products that holds a large scale of audience tends to be really attack by vulnerabilities.

But hey; vulnerabilities = active development so if they will stop or ignore then clearly means 'no quality control'.

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more popular a product is , more it will be attacked . same with girls , more beautiful she is , more predators will try to get her :D


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Prices of commercial products under the sign of the Adobe must comply with the high level of security. Unfortunately, it is not. Adobe was and is full of holes as Swiss cheese.


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Except we're talking vulnerabilities, not attacks, and OSX has the most (and it is by far not the most popular).
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