Update The October update of OneNote for Windows 10 is here

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    The October update of OneNote for Windows 10 is here

    Nearly two weeks ago, Microsoft released the October update of OneNote for Windows 10 to Insiders, and now, it's available to everyone. Version 17.8625.20901.0 contains some new features, and there's also an important fix.

    If you use a high-DPI display or multiple monitors, you may have noticed that in the app, the pointer doesn't align with where you're clicking on. This made the app frustratingly hard to use, and the good news is that that's finally fixed in this build.

    There are also some improvements to printing. Rather than just being able to print out a page of notes, you can now print an entire section or even an entire notebook. PDF printouts should look better as well now, and that's even true if you inserted the PDF with a previous version of the application.

    Finally, there's a new setting that allows you to decide if the first word of a sentence is automatically capitalized. It's unclear how much of a demand for this there was, but it's always nice to have options.

    To install OneNote for Windows 10 or update it, you can find it in the Microsoft Store here.
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