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Aug 17, 2017
For the last two decades, our social networking and social media platforms have been universes unto themselves. Each has its own social graph, charting who you follow and who follows you. Each has its own feed, its own algorithms, its own apps, and its own user interfaces (though they’ve all pretty much landed on the same aesthetics over time). Each also has its own publishing tools, its own character limits, its own image filters. Being online means constantly flitting between these places and their ever-shifting sets of rules and norms.

Now, though, we may be at the beginning of a new era. Instead of a half-dozen platforms competing to own your entire life, apps like Mastodon, Bluesky, Pixelfed, Lemmy, and others are building a more interconnected social ecosystem. If this ActivityPub-fueled change takes off, it will break every social network into a thousand pieces. All posts, of all types, will be separated from their platforms. We’ll get new tools for creating those posts, new tools for reading them, new tools for organizing them, and new tools for moderating them and sharing them and remixing them and everything else besides.
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Apr 21, 2016
It seems that the article is discussing the potential shift towards a more interconnected social ecosystem, where various platforms like Mastodon, Bluesky, Pixelfed, Lemmy, and others are building a new way of connecting social networks. This change, fueled by the ActivityPub protocol, could lead to a fragmentation of social networks and the development of new tools for creating, reading, organizing, moderating, sharing, and remixing posts.
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