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still with the same problem the AC working properly, the date and time when misconfigured off
Steps taken, but unsuccessful?
manually I bought 2 new batteries without any result

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Hello everyone I have a dell latitude d620 model and what happens is detected to buy new battery that is the CA rule because it is the same for 5 years but have found no solution to this.:mad:
Perhaps either a relic but the system is working well.:D
Please, if anyone has any suggestions are welcome.:)


You should try some steps.

1) Update the bios.

2) Do a system reset by removing the battery and AC adapter, no power to the unit, hold down the power button for 30 seconds.

3) Then replace the battery and AC to the unit.

4) Now turn on and observe whether you get a charging battery. Check in control panel under power and see what the battery is doing.

Daniel Hidalgo

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Thank You @Klipsh:)
Already update the BIOS to the latest version of the manufacturer and also applies the other steps, but I keep mentioning that the battery is not installed.
My question is will it be a failure of the motherboard circuit?


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According to the various informations:

1) The motherboard can be a culprit for not recognizing the battery, and yet better purchase a new laptop than replacing a parts which can be time consuming.

Genuine Dell batteries have some sort of circuitry inside them which identify them as a "real" Dell battery. Sometimes this circuitry can burn out or otherwise break. Google this topic. You will need to buy another Dell battery.

3) Try to install chipset drivers see if it can help to fix the problem and another one is to test on another laptop (same brand) to determine if it will recognize. When prove then something is wrong on your laptop.
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