Tutorial The ultimate Online Privacy Test Resource List

The following is an awesome resource of tests to check your online privacy courtesy of Martin Brinkmann at ghacks.net

Source: The ultimate Online Privacy Test Resource List - gHacks Tech News

Basic Tests
Advanced Tests
  • Am I Unique Tests whether the browser is unique by checking the following information: User-agent, Accept, Content Encoding, Content Language, List of Plugins, Platform, Cookies, Do Not Track, Timezone, Screen Resolution, Use of local storage, Use of session storage, Canvas, WebGL, Fonts, Screen resolution, Language, Platform, Use of Adblock https://amiunique.org/fp
  • Browser Spy Runs the following individual tests: Accepted Filetypes, ActiveX, Adobe Reader, Ajax Support, Bandwidth, Browser, Capabilities, Colors, Components, Connections, Cookies, CPU, CSS, CSS Exploit, Cursors, Date and Time, DirectX, Document, Do Not Track, .Net Framework, Email Verification, Flash, Fonts via Flash, Fonts via Java, Gears, Gecko, Geolocation, Google Chrome, Google Apps, GZip Support, HTTP Headers, HTTP, Images, IP Address, Java, JavaScript, Languages, Mathematical, MathML Support, MIME Types, Mobile, Network, Objects, Object Browser, Online/Offline, OpenDNS, OpenOffice.org, Opera Browser, Opreating System, Google PageRank, Ping, Plugins, Plugs, Prefetech, Proxy, Proxy, Personal Security Manager, QuickTime Player, RealPlayer, Resolution, Screen, Security, Shockwave, Silverlight, Sound Card, SVG, Text Formatting, File Upload, User/Agent, VBScript, WAP Device, WebKit, Web Server, Window, Windows Media Player http://browserspy.dk/
  • Cross Browser Fingerprinting Test Tests locality, operating system, screen resolution, time zone, User Agent string, HTTP Accept, Plugins, Fonts http://fingerprint.pet-portal.eu/#
  • IP Leak Runs the following tests: IP address, location, WebRTC IP detection, Torrent address detection, Geolocation detection, IP details, Geek details (user agent, referer, language, content encoding, document, system information, screen information, plugins, HTTP Request headers https://ipleak.net/
  • IP Lookup Checks IP address, browser user agent, referer http://www.ghacks.net/ip/
  • Five Star Privacy Checker Checks IP address, location, ISP, DNs, Blacklisted or Proxy use, IP location, Script usage such as ActiveX, JavaScript, Java and Flash. http://5who.net/
  • Jondonym Full Anonymity Test Tests IP, location, net provider, Reverse DNS, Cookies, Authentication, Cache (E-Tags), HTTP Session, Referer, Signature, User-Agent, SSL Session ID, Language, Content Types, Encoding, Do Not Track, Upgrade-Insecure-Requests http://ip-check.info/?lang=en
  • Panopticlick Tests Supercookies, Canvas Fingerprinting, Screen size and color depth, browser plugins, time zone, DNT header, HTTP Accept headers, WebGL fingerprinting, language, system fonts, platform, user agent, touch support and cookies https://panopticlick.eff.org/
  • PC Flank A whole battery of tests including: Stealth Test, Browser Test, Trojans Test, Advanced Port Scanner, Exploits Test, PC Flank Leaktest http://www.pcflank.com/index.htm
  • Onion Leak Test For CORS and WebSocket Requests http://cure53.de/leak/onion.php
  • Whoer Comprehensive test suite that tests for IP address, location, ISP, OS, Browser, Anonymity settings such as DNS, Proxy, Tor, Anonymizer or Blacklist, Browser headers, whether JavaScript, Flash, Java, ActiveX or WebRTC are enabled, time zone, language settings, screen information, plugins, navigator information and HTTP headers https://whoer.net/


New Member
Mar 5, 2016
As I see it, in terms of privacy the keystone remains the user's IP. If it's not faked than all other privacy tools are somewhat useless, but if it is faked (with a good and reliable VPN) then all other privacy tools can make the difference and even the very pertinence of a hidden IP : not only a VPN user would be recognized if other tools are not active but moreover that user would be spotted as hiding himself, which is like a double slap! I may be wrong but, consequently, if IP is true then privacy tools aren't really worth it. Am I wrong? I forgot one thing though : how can a site be sure the user's spotted IP is not faked? if it has no means to be totally sure than my above argumentation would be invalidated. Reminds me "Secret Agent Man" sung by Austin Powers, way back in time :)