Thousands scammed by AI voices mimicking loved ones in emergencies


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Aug 17, 2017
AI models designed to closely simulate a person’s voice are making it easier for bad actors to mimic loved ones and scam vulnerable people out of thousands of dollars, The Washington Post reported. Quickly evolving in sophistication, some AI voice-generating software requires just a few sentences of audio to convincingly produce speech that conveys the sound and emotional tone of a speaker’s voice, while other options need as little as three seconds. For those targeted—which is often the elderly, the Post reported—it can be increasingly difficult to detect when a voice is inauthentic, even when the emergency circumstances described by scammers seem implausible. According to the Federal Trade Commission, so-called impostor scams are extremely common in the United States. It was the most frequent type of fraud reported in 2022 and generated the second-highest losses for those targeted. Out of 36,000 reports, more than 5,000 victims were scammed out of $11 million over the phone.

Dave Russo

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May 26, 2014
This type of crime is almost unforgivable, I suppose you need a seared conscience (doesn't work anymore) criminally insane idiots (sorry venting) hope they get caught or maybe better get right
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Feb 7, 2023
This type of crime is almost unforgivable, I suppose you need a seared conscience (doesn't work anymore) criminally insane idiots (sorry venting) hope they get caught or maybe better get right
They are not getting caught anytime soon. We all know the top 2 countries with most scammers. One has the police and potentially even the government involved, and the other one is more worried what to criminalise next (to come closer to the third world than it already is). Both have no interest in arresting scammers even though some vague attempts to throw dust in people’s eyes have been made by one recently by forbidding the usage of VPNs.

It is all these platforms fault as well for failing to contain potential damage. Why are they allowing text like this to be generated? Why users can register with minimum amount of data (which can be fake). A lot of why-s there.

I’ve asked the same about Shopify. I am sick already from discovering scam websites running on their platform and reporting. Is anyone even checking? Is anyone making sure bank account and all details are verified? Once a report has been filed with them it takes them more than a month to take the site down and it takes the criminal 5 minutes to go back online.
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Dec 10, 2022
Facebook groups are also highly targeted by these countries i have banned over 1,200 people on my Facebook group page. The good thing that Facebook did was to implement IP banning and device ID backlisting but that's not effecting when you have cybercriminal groups with thousands of users targeting groups from all over. device ID banning becomes ineffective when you up against a group of thousands of people.

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