Serious Discussion Tiny11 is out—a lightweight and debloated Windows 11 for less powerful computers


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Jan 11, 2018
If there is a Tiny 24H2, we can expect it to be recompiled on the older 23H2 instruction set to run on old hardware.

Will it happen? We'll see.
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Nov 10, 2017
X user (Twitter) @NTDEV_ has released a new version of its tiny11 project. tiny11 core for ARM64 is now available for download with notably reduced disk footprint and emulation performance improvements, especially when emulating on x64 processors. It follows the footsteps of the recently released tiny11 core for x86 processors.

According to the developer, tiny11 core is a good option for testing and experimentation inside a virtual machine, such as running a specific driver or program. The image includes the VirtIO driver, which allows direct access to hardware on Linux without relying on slower emulated drivers.

It is worth noting right away that tiny11 core has notable limitations compared to "regular" tiny11 and vanilla Windows 11. You cannot service tiny11 core, and its security is much more limited. Therefore, do not use the project on production or mission-critical devices. As the developer said, tiny11 core is intended for experiments on virtual machines and other enthusiast-level stuff.

You can download tiny11 core for ARM64 from the Internet Archive. The image weighs slightly more than 3GB, and a complete installation requires roughly 8GB of storage.

If you like the idea of a lightweight Windows 11 with a smaller disk footprint and reduced bloat, check out tiny11 version 2311. Based on Windows 11 version 23H2, it offers everything a regular consumer may need from a modern PC. Unlike tiny11 core, the standard tiny11 does not compromise security and serviceability, so you can run Microsoft Defender and install cumulative updates. In addition, it supports games from the Microsoft Store, so it is a decent option for gaming systems.

As usual, keep in mind the potential risks of using modified Windows 11 images. Do not install tiny11 if you do not trust the developer.


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