Level 54
You seldomly need it, but the "Elevate" menu option has mainly two purposes:
1. "Whitelist by window" only works on apps with admin privileges if TinyWall's tray is also running as admin. So for example if you want to unblock an installer, you'd have to select the Elevate option in TinyWall first (or simply use another whitelisting method other than "by window")
2. It increases TinyWall's process security somewhat, because when it is running as admin, non-admin apps cannot inject code or hook into it
I wasn't aware of this, which may explain why I had some trouble with TW v.2.7.xx and early v. 3.0.
For both of the above reasons, one of my goals for TinyWall 3.1 is to run TinyWall's tray app as admin by default on system startup.
Nice! (y) (y)