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Hi everyone,
Today, somebody on my Facebook has been gotten notification about Windows 10 upgrade. Is there anyone in this forum getting this notification?
Some screenshots:

And some "GET WINDOWS 10" screenshot:
Source: Facebook & Dinh Quang Vinh - Vnzoom Forums​
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It seems to "reserve" Windows 10 and when it is released, you can download it and install. If you go through it, it will say you have reserved it. It also allows you to cancel the reservation. Once Windows 10 is out, I'm upgrade regardless of any problems that are known. This thing also tells you if there is any problems with anything on your computer.


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I am on Windows 7 and i got it. ;)
Mine is Windows 7 64 Home Premium.

Originally was Vista 64. When I purchased Vista, there was a free Windows 7 upgrade offer.
When Windows 7 released, I got free Windows 7 upgrade disc.
And I did a clean install i.e format/install.
So am I eligible for Windows 10 free upgrade?
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