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Greetings everyone!

As previously noted, we would like to start an initiative, one that will recognize the top contributors on MalwareTips for the year. These members have demonstrated extraordinary dedication and posted many informative content on MT. For that, on behalf of the staff and admins, I would like to specially thank them for their contribution and helpfulness in the community. Without further ado, please help me congratulate and thank the following top contributors of 2012!

Umbra Corp.
MalwareCenter/ InternetChicken
White Nobster

As a reward and thank-you note for such an accomplishment, these 11 members will receive a license key of their choice in our massive End-of-the-Year Giveaway which includes: Bitdefender Internet Security 2013, Emsisoft Anti-malware, Emsisoft Online Armor, Emsisoft Mamutu, HitmanPro, TuneUp Utilities 2013, WinPatrol PLUS, Revo Uninstaller, VIPRE Internet Security 2013, and Outpost Security!

Congratulations! :D (Please PM me the license you want!)

Of course, MalwareTips wouldn't be here today without the effort and time put in by the MT staff to maintain this forum as an enjoyable, informative, troll-free environment. Checking the content of countless posts to ensure they conform to rules, banning spammers and trolls, and deleting/moving/merging threads are all done by the moderators who volunteer their time to make MT a better forum for everyone. So please, if you have a minute or two of spare time, start a thread on the forums or send (*ahem* I mean spam *ahem*) a message to help me thank them for their hard work and time.

Below is the list of those honorary members


In addition, we would also like to thank Kuttus for helping users remove those nasty infections!

These honorary members, if they choose to participate in any of the End-of-the-Year Giveaway, will get three "tickets" or "entries" in the giveaway drawing.

Lastly, we want to thank every single member who has signed up and contributed to the growth of MT! We wouldn't have been able to have such a huge giveaway without your posts, memberships and visits to the site (we are reaching nearly 35,000 unique visitors per day!). Please don't be shy! Post your opinions, reviews, or news and join the forum discussions. Because the next time we have another big giveaway, YOU may be the one in the top 10 to receive a software license of your choice!

Again, on behalf of the Admins and the moderating staff, we hope you had a Merry Christmas and wish you all a happy holiday & a safe, prosperous, happy new year!

Here's to MalwareTips 2013 and beyond! Cheers

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I want to thank all MT's staff/members for value my contribution to our marvelous forum, that touch me :) , MT is a place where i still learning things and enjoy sharing my experiences. It is like my second home, my girlfriend said "my second girlfriend" :D


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softwareFREEk said:
I will be on the list next year! :)
That's a New Year's Resolution right there :p

Thank you very much MalwareTips Staff for thinking that I've contributed to the forum. I came to MalwareTips not knowing much about computer security, hardware, malware in general. I would like to thank the MalwareTips Staff and members for making this a positive environment for everybody.

Thanks again MalwareTips and good luck for 2013 :D


Congratulations to all contributors.

Also a thank you to all Admins/Mods and specific users who have helped me through the course of 2012.

MT grew so much during this year and its a place full of information thanks to everyone.



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Congrats to all those on the list and all of those who arent.In the time I have been here there are many members who contribute and help other members at the drop of a hat.In all my experience,I have never seen a site where so many members help each other.It is usually only a few.This makes this quite a unique and enjoyable community and one that I am glad to be part of.

I am both honored and surprised at being chosen and would like to thank all the MT staff & members.I look forward to helping MT make 2013 the best year yet.


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congrats guys malwaretips is one among the forums that i visit pretty much everyday love the community here ;) lets keep growing


Congratulations everyone! MalwareTips has grown to be my favorite site to visit, repeatedly, on a daily basis. There is much knowledge within the borders of these pages. I tend to learn something new on almost every visit.
All those that contribute so much, make the experience even better! May you continue to do so, as this site grows even larger!


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Congratulations to all the contributors and thanks for sharing their valuable knowledge with us. Hope this forum gets much bigger in upcoming days. Once again congratulation to everyone.


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I may never be on top of that list,but I hope that every post that I make is valuable in some way.

Thanks Malwaretips for the giveaways and encouragement.

jim lin

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congrats to the Top Contributors and honorary members that make Malwaretip's
one of the best forums that i belong to

and hope the New Year is a good year for everyone here at Malwaretips

Thanks so very much for all you guys do here




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It is very nice to be a part of excellent group of members sharing their experiences and views. Although we all don't completely agree with everything, we share our knowledge. I hope I have helped members here with my knowledge and I have learned a lot of things that I didn't know from various members. There is always room to learn new things no matter what kind of experience that you have.

Special thanks to all the members who have helped with MalwareTips and made it what it is.



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thank you to all that post and share their knowledge on MT, in my short membership I have grown in knowledge
sharing is truly caring!!!

I hope that all members and admin on MT have a safe and prosperous new year!!

please keep posting and sharing on this amazing site dudes and dudettes lol


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Congratulations everyone! I'll try and contribute more next year. I have a lot to learn myself.
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