Q&A Trainbit offers 5 TB free backup. Is it worth it?


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Nov 8, 2016
I don't know the service but it seems to be running since 2006. I tested and it worked. It seems too good to be true... but i'll let you decide and discuss what is the catch.

site: Online backup storage | Online collaboration



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Dec 4, 2014
There is not much information about it online. However I did find the following.
Trainbit offers 20GB of free storage. However, there is some key takeaway that you should take note after me trying them out.

My first impression was kind of skeptical in putting faith and confidence in Trainbit. It’s usable for all mean but it just lacks trust as I had no idea on their company, product, and backgrounds in which everything. Secondly, the uploading was OK but it will halt and cancel by itself if you try to navigate away while it was uploading.

In conclusion, there is way much better service out there. At least, it should be less dodgy (from my experience and impression during my encounter). I will most likely be skipping this one.
The above review only mentions 20GB for free, but I believe it still provides worthwhile information and that page gives and overview of 30 different free cloud storage providers, which is worth looking at.

Also, according to the following Reddit thread, inactive files get deleted after a month. However the post is from a year ago and things may have changed since then.