New Update TransferChain Send - Blockchain-based, E2EE File Sharing


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Jan 8, 2011
No one can ever access your files that are sent through TransferChain besides the intended recipients.
  • Blockchain Based
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Distributed Multi-Cloud

What is TransferChain Send?
TransferChain Send provides a secure means of sharing files that are easily accessible, presenting a secure option to unreliable email attachments and file transfer sites. TransferChain Send utilizes a client-side end-to-end encrypted, distributed cloud with blockchain auth and zero-knowledge protocols – providing the world’s most Private & Secure file sharing. No

TransferChain Send Limits and Availability
Limits and Restrictions When using TransferChain Send, the following restrictions will apply to you: * Uploaded single files can’t exceed 3 GB * You can only upload 3 GB in total at once * Shared files' time limits and download limits are adjustable
Support: TransferChain Send - TransferChain Knowlegde Base

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