New Update Trend Micro Check for Android and iOS, Chrome and Safari (Browser Security)


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Nov 4, 2011
A comprehensive anti-scam mobile app and browser extension
  • Real-time security detection: Trend Micro Check - Browser Security will actively remind you when you accidentally click on fake bank or phishing websites, or computer viruses and malware, so that your password will not be stolen and your personal information will not be leaked.
  • Filter annoying ads: The powerful AdBlock function can effectively block banner ads that pop up on websites, whether it’s Facebook, YouTube or other types of websites. Enjoy the most relaxing browsing experience and be disturbed no longer!
  • Reduce the risk of online fraud: Trend Micro Check – Browser Security will display warning notifications when you enter single-page scam shopping websites, fake sticker/emoji promos, fake investments and high-risk dating, etc.
  • Scan and clean harmful browsing history: Check whether you’ve accidentally clicked on trojans and phishing websites to prevent malicious links from hiding in your browsing history.
  • Identify false messages and rumored news: Now you can check the authenticity of the text content on websites even faster. Our database simultaneously connects to different credible private organizations and much public information from the government. This allows the fraud prevention experts at Trend Micro Check to quickly cross-reference scams and false information so it will have nowhere to hide.

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