I have looked into it briefly before during the release of Windows 8 as well as used in the past (2010).

For starters it does not officially support Windows 8. You can run it but not fully supported. If the latest build is, they should update the website.

Nothing really changed in terms of GUI since when I used back in 2010.

Its focus is actually on Malware infections etc, not really Trojans. I believe the name was due to the initial stage of the product but not sure.
That aside, its the 2nd security vendor that offers less than 30 days trial mode and does not contain any free version: WSA and TK have less than 15 days trial.

Good points:
1 license can be used on 2 or 3 computers if memory serves me right.
Offers Real time protection
Often than not, once an infection has been removed, a restart of PC is required to fully ensure its removed.

License wise and price wise is still not as bad as Trojan Remover (which I personally would stay away unless you want to be paying for an ok piece of software when there are free tools available (EEK and MBAM for example)).


Level 22
Did any check http://urlvoid.com/? Russian base software company!
A few false positive's here and there? Not sure! Seem to be lite on
the system.