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Victor Gevers, a security researcher at the GDI Foundation and chair of the Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure, which finds and reports security vulnerabilities, told TechCrunch he guessed the president’s account password and was successful on the fifth attempt.

The account was not protected by two-factor authentication, granting Gevers access to the president’s account.

After logging in, he emailed US-CERT, a division of Homeland Security’s cyber unit Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), to disclose the security lapse, which TechCrunch has seen. Gevers said the president’s Twitter password was changed shortly after.


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On the profile page of @oldschool he posted a link to the original article:
EDIT: found a more complete article that was mentioned in the previous article of de Volkskrant:
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A possible explanation was that security was lowered when Trump went to the hospital and his staff needed access to his account.
I think a more plausible explanation, based on all of what is known about the man himself, is that he's a ******* 🤡. He's even described as a "moron" by one of his cabinet members. But, I digress OT .... This is about educating the public, at least those that believe in education. ;)
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Last month hackers made the astonishing claim that they had managed to crack Donald Trump’s password back in 2016.
And what was the password used by the then US Presidential Candidate?


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Last month, well-known cyber investigator Victor Gevers said he had gained access to Donald Trump's Twitter account with the password 'MAGA2020!'. The White House denied it had happened and Twitter said it had no evidence of a hack. But Mr Gevers has now revealed more information to back up his claims. As part of the police interrogation, Mr Gevers revealed for the first time that he had substantially more evidence of the "hack" than he had previously released.