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I watched one video today and decided to ask a few questions. First question. How do you think, how much trust should be communicating on the Internet? I heard that there was even an idea to register on social networks of people only upon presentation of passport data by them, when they show the passport while holding it in their hands and so that the face of the person holding the passport can be seen. Some people believe that this will reduce the number of scams on the Internet and communication will be more trusting. And from here the second question. How do you feel about such an initiative to introduce registration in social networks only when providing passport data for personal identification?

Dave Russo

Level 10
I wish people would socialise through family based guidelines[When dating is the idea} with no{hollywood love stories, you know everyone live happily ever after} .Forgive my moral reasons ,there has just been a trail of tears,from love being a feeling not a choice,and you know everyone is good instead of don"t trust strangers.Love is a wonderful thing ,forgiveness free, but trust is earned.Being registered sounds good to me,and if not !! to me red flag.Thanks for the video SFox
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