Twitter users can now add security keys as the only two-factor authentication method


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Nov 10, 2017
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Twitter added last year the option for users to log in to its mobile app using a physical security key as a two-factor authentication method, but you had to have another authentication method enabled to use it. Now Twitter is improving this feature to let users add a security key without having another two-factor authentication method enabled in your account.

As shared by the Twitter Support account on Wednesday, security keys can now be the only two-factor authentication option in both mobile app and website. With this new feature, users can simply set up a physical security key without having to add text message or authentication code as a backup.

In a blog post, Twitter explains that this change is important since not every user can have or wants another two-factor authentication method besides the security key, such as someone who does not want to send their phone number to Twitter’s servers.

Today, we’re adding the option to use security keys as your sole 2FA method — meaning you can enroll one or more security keys as the only form of 2FA on your Twitter account without a backup 2FA method. We know this is important to people because not everyone is able to have a backup 2FA method or wants to share their phone number with us. With this update, we want everyone to feel empowered to enable security keys to better secure their Twitter account.