Twitter's rebranding to 'X' triggers Microsoft Edge security alert


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Apr 24, 2016
Microsoft Edge web browser has been displaying security warnings after Twitter changed its name to 'X'.

Amid its rapid rebranding over the last few days, Twitter (or X) has also ditched the famed bird icon for a Unicode character which resembles the letter X but infact bears Mathematical meaning.

But Microsoft Edge warns this is a potential security issue—and it's working as intended. It's got to do with a security feature dubbed 'Progressive Web App Icon change', designed to alert users of app icon or name changes, possibly indicating a scam.
Since 2021, both Chrome and Edge added this safety alert that triggers when a PWA changes its original icon or name.
To summarize, if your web browser rings alarm bells post Twitter's rushed rebranding, don't panic.


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Jul 28, 2023
If both Chrome and Edge have that feature and it triggered only Edge, does it means Google was more efficient at whitelisting it as safe ? Or that Edge feature was more efficient at detecting the icon change ?

On a related note, I logged in to Twitter when the name change just happened and I thought Twitter had been hacked. After checking the URL and certificate, I then thought it was a temporary event (such as a change of logo in support to a caritative cause). Then when I read the news I thought Elon was making a prank. Now I understand what's going on: we just live in a really weird world 🤪.


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May 13, 2017
Or that Edge feature was more efficient at detecting the icon change ?
This. It does not rely merely on the icon change, it detects changes in the code.

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