Tyre pollution, reducing microplastic pollutants


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Jan 8, 2011
Future vehicle pollution will not come from the tailpipe, but from tyres.

Carbon in rubber particles are positively charged as they tear off of the tyre. What started off with rubbing a balloon against a sweater, eventually led to our device that directs and capture charged tyre particles.

The device is positioned close to where the tyre meets the road. Consulting with the Imperial Department of Aeronautics we identified this position, to take advantage of airflow and Magnus effect of the spinning wheel. Our current device collects 60% of all airborne particles on our test rig.

Source: The Tyre Collective

Read more about: The Tyre Collective

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Dec 23, 2014
  • Tight regulation of exhaust emissions by the EU has meant that new cars emit very little particle pollution
  • But tyre wear pollution is unregulated and can be 1,000 times worse, finds independent real-world testing experts Emissions Analytics

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