New Update Ubuntu Pro - Get 10 years of security updates on over 23K packages and more! (Free for personal use)


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Jan 8, 2011
Ubuntu Pro
Ubuntu Pro (currently in public beta) expands our famous ten-year security coverage to an additional 23,000 packages beyond the main operating system.

Benefits including Kernal Livepatch which eliminates the need for unplanned maintenance windows for high and critical severity kernel vulnerabilities by patching the Linux kernel while the system runs.
Ubuntu Pro, the expanded security maintenance and compliance subscription, is now offered in public beta for data centres and workstations. Canonical will provide a free tier for personal and small-scale commercial use in line with the company’s community commitment and mission to make open source more easily consumable by everyone.

Ubuntu Pro expands security coverage for critical, high and medium Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) to thousands of applications and toolchains, including Ansible, Apache Tomcat, Apache Zookeeper, Docker, Drupal, Nagios, Node.js, phpMyAdmin, Puppet, PowerDNS, Python 2, Redis, Rust, WordPress, and more.
Read more: Canonical launches free personal Ubuntu Pro subscriptions for up to five machines | Ubuntu


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Apr 24, 2016
Posted on his profile page by @Trident and IMO deserving a post here:
Ubuntu Pro Desktop feature highlights

Every Ubuntu LTS release comes with 5 years of free security patching for Ubuntu main, the primary repository for the Ubuntu OS. With Ubuntu Pro that support is expanded to 10 years and now covers Ubuntu Universe which includes over 23,000 software packages.

Canonical Livepatch, which allows users to apply kernel patches while the system runs, is also included in Ubuntu Pro.
Free for small scale use and no price change for existing Ubuntu Advantage Desktop users

Ubuntu Pro is free for personal and small-scale commercial use in up to five machines. If you are already taking advantage of your free personal token then your entitlements will be upgraded automatically. See below for how to activate expanded security maintenance on your desktop.

Existing Ubuntu Advantage Desktop customers will also be entitled to this upgrade at no extra cost. Going forward, Ubuntu Pro Desktop will retain the same price as the current Ubuntu Advantage Desktop subscription.

For Ubuntu Pro pricing on other platforms, please refer to the store page.
Activate your Ubuntu Pro benefits

Ubuntu Pro can be attached and enabled via the command line or the Software & Updates application. Follow our new tutorial for more details.

Note: Please ensure your system is up to date to access this new menu. It may take a few days for this change to be rolled out to everyone.

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