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Questions, suggestions and constructive criticism is welcomed.

VirDefense (short for VirusDefense) is a fictional antivirus security software.

This is only a concept not actual functioning software.

Targeted towards Windows 8/8.1 users, VirDefense is a light yet powerful modern antivirus that uses the cloud to provide constant up to date protection against zero-day threats.

No particular reason for the 4 chosen defense modules - they are just examples. Scan, Behavior Blocker, Logs, Tools, Quarantine etc are also suitable names for any of the tiles.

Created from scratch, designed and created by me using Adobe Photoshop CC.

In some way you could call this the cousin to my other antivirus UI concept called Purista.

Thanks for viewing! Questions, suggestions and constructive criticism is welcomed.

This concept design is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.
Note: I have no clue where the wonderful field image is originally from used in the UI. I got it from with no source.
If you are the owner and would like me to remove it I will do so no questions asked. I do not claim it as mine nor is it being used for commercial purposes.
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Everyone Else agrees. :p


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Very nice @MrXidus, I like the clean layout from not just an aesthetic viewpoint but also from a user friendly point of view. At a glance I can see the main features and their status, the colour palette doesn't hurt my eyes, nor does it appear monotone or plain. The colours of each feature are distinct allowing for my attention to be drawn quickly to the relevant panel. I particularly like the panel displaying the number of applications running in the sandbox, that for me is an innovative design feature ;)

From a marketing point of view, the names of the functions could do with some sprucing up, for example VirShield sounds a little clunky, so generally more attractive names are assigned, for example I might advise you to rename the application blocking feature to "Code Trap™", which would be branded Code Trap™ Technology ... "Traps malicious code at the very deepest level of your computer... (eg: uses a kernel level driver for protection) lol.

Keep up the good work and I'll look forward to seeing more designs in the future
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Thanks for the comment @Cowpipe I appreciate it, you certainly got the idea of the design and why which I like.

As for the names I don't spend time trying to think of that I'm all for the graphical editing part, the names for any tile could be what ever you want it to be including Code Trap™, I'll include that in any future concepts I'm working on just for you.