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Jan 8, 2011
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Privacy Audit is now Undatify.
As Undatify, we are still committed to helping you make meaningful decisions about your personal data.

Privacy Audit, now known as Undatify, has always been about helping people make meaningful decisions about their personal data online.

It started with our search audit, which allowed people to discover where their personal information was being publicly exposed online. After discovering what information is out there about them, many of our users were inspired to start taking back control over that data.

Unfortunately, obtaining copies of your personal data and deleting it is often complex in practice. Nuances within the GDPR and other privacy laws that make the process of exercising one’s rights time consuming and confusing.

By providing you with ready-to-send letters and customized suggestions, the Legal Bot simplifies the process of obtaining your data or deleting it. And as of April 29th, you can now try it for free!
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Use GDPR, which was actually created for you
Privacy reached a new level with the European Union’s Global Data Protection Regulation. Now you can request an accounting of the data a company has on you. Companies are obliged by law to respond, and even to delete some of it on demand.

The problem with GDPR is that many people just don’t understand how to use it. Four out of five people we surveyed (82%) had actually tried to remove something from the Internet, but less than half (37%) knew how to do it: how to write a GDPR request, whom to send it to, what questions to ask, and how to formulate requests. Like most legal matters, GDPR is not simple.

This is where our new service, Undatify by Kaspersky, comes in handy by partially automating your requests for data removal. It helps you send proper data removal requests to companies you no longer want to store or process your data. It also helps clarify companies’ responses, and will file a complaint if they don’t respond. Undatify is available only where GDPR applies.
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