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A message just popped up on my FF browser that I needed to close my Mozilla apps to delete the Bitdefender root certificate.
I did not ask to delete this, as far as I know, so why did I get this message?

Uninstall Bitdefender Root Certificate
You must close firefox, thunderbird in order to uninstall the Bitdefender Root Certificate.

Click OK to close automatically and uninstall the certificate.
OK Cancel

I checked untrusted certificates and there is 1 listed:

untrusted cert list.JPG

Should I do this?
If not, where is this coming from?


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I am currently using BD free and have a BD cert in the Trusted Root Certificate Authorities. I just don't understand why I got a message to delete it or where it is coming from.
This certificate you showed here is not from Bitdefender as you can see it's not trusted and also expired. You better remove this certificate then restart the PC. Maybe something malicious installed this certificate on your system.


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The reason I looked in the untrusted list is because I got that info else where, but since there is no BD cert there I became suspicious. The BD cert in the trusted list appears good.
I do not understand why that message popped up. Why would I need to delete BD cert unless it was a bogus message trying to get past BD. I guess I will just ignore the message.
The one in untrusted I will delete.


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FF had not updated to 75 from 74 and it was having other issues so I uninstalled that and installed 75. I think BD is OK. thanks


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I have exactly the same problem.
Same system message about uninstall Bitdefender Root Certificate
Same certificate in the folder
I recently criticized the government in social media. Never did that before
I'm using BD free version. Could not find the version :-/