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An Amazon S3 bucket containing the personal details of over 198 million Americans was left exposed online with no protection, according to UpGuard, a cyber-security whose researchers came across the database last week.
The data contained in the database belonged to three data mining companies known to be associated with the Republican Party, namely Deep Root Analytics, TargetPoint Consulting, Inc., and Data Trust.
Biggest leak of US voter information
In terms of sheer numbers, this is the biggest leak of US voter registration data. In December 2015, Chris Vickery, the same UpGuard researcher who discovered this leak, also found an unprotected MongoDB database exposing the details of 191,337,174 US voters.

Five months later, Vickery also found a similar unprotected MongoDB database that exposed the personal details of 93,424,710 Mexican voters.

Other voter databases exposed in the past two years include the ones belonging to the Philippines (55 million) and Turkey (50 million), both leaked online by hackers after breaching national voter systems.

The US has also been targeted by hackers who stole US voter registration information. In August 2016, Yahoo News reported that Russian-based attackers stole voter databases from the states of Arizona and Illinois.