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Jul 27, 2015
Things are coming along quickly though, with Mayman now flying a heavily upgraded six-engine JB-11 for his many public appearances, while working on flying car designs in his downtime. But while Jetpack Aviation is ready to sell these wild, 150 mph, 18,000-foot altitude capable machines to the brave, it's taking the path of caution until it can come up with a fool-proof safety system that can take over as a final resort in the case of catastrophic failure. That doesn't mean you and I can't have a crack at flying one, though. While Mayman was the only one flying the JB for a while, soon he began training others in his company, then the odd outsider. And now, he's opening up his training facility and letting the public have a go. For US$4995, you can spend a day learning how to fly the JB-10 with Mayman, the world's only FAA certified jetpack instructor (there's a nifty bullet point for the CV) and qualified pilot Boris Jarry. You'll do takeoffs, landings, hovering, forward, backways and sideways flight – Mayman says it's more or less a Segway in the sky and should be very intuitive for most people.


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Apr 5, 2017
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I imagine that these "devices" (not sure what you would actually call them) would weigh a fair bit so when you haven't checked that you have enough fuel for your journey or if something goes wrong with the mechanism and you go crashing down especially into the water, would you be able to release all the gear quickly ? Not for me anyway because i am a big scaredy-cat but for those people looking for a thrill and those with the money to spare, which isn't actually over the top then i imagine they would love it.