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Aug 10, 2013
Used Firefox translate for the german source.

"Stasi paragraph": US parliament before the extension of the espionage constraint

Not only cleaning women are to be forced to spy on customers for US services, for example by hardware manipulation. It is no coincidence that the time is urged in the Senate.

Fast, it has to go fast in the U.S. Senate. Because on Friday, the notorious Section 702 of the Surveillance Act (FISA) will expire. This must not happen, both US parties think – although Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, is currently in favour of abolishing this surveillance law. The House of Commons has decided to extend by two years, added a "Stasi paragraph" and at the same time extended the espionage order. The US Senate has yet to agree, with emphasis on "must".

The standard, known in Washington as a Stasi paragraph, actually follows the example of the People's Republic of China: More and more third parties are to be legally forced to secretly spy for US intelligence services. Network operators (electronic communication service provider) have been affected for years. But that is no longer enough for spies. From now on, (with a few exceptions) all and everyone who somehow have access to cables or devices, can be forced to run through communication or could be stored on communication. This ranges from the retailer who sells a network cable, to the office rental service to the cleaner, who comes to dust up a router.

They can all be legally forced to suck data, install spyware or manipulate hardware – this is the view of the FISA reform adopted by the US lower house. Excluded are only landlords of certain housing, restaurants, and certain public facilities such as water and sewage works, garbage disposal company, police and fire brigade, hospitals and libraries. The exception rules show how far-reaching the pressure to espionage is.
Exception to the exception

And there is a big exception from the exception: If someone of the except holds a device or cable for storage or management, he too can be forced to spy. Consider a hospital that is actually excluded, but takes care of a patient's phone while treating or operating.


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