Marko :)

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Correct for the most part brother, I'm on Satellite Internet, changing DNS servers "for me" does cripple most of their data collection.
Twice I have had service calls for issues, and both times the last thing the Tech did before leaving is put the default Addresses back in.
Of course you know me, before he made it down the driveway it was back on "my" DNS servers :p
Satellite is a little different. I may go to a VPN later, but I want to watch and wait and see how this plays out.
How stable is satellite internet and what speeds do you get? Is speed always the same or depends on weather? :)

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All because of those "I don't have anything to hide" people, now they will pay the most.
It is naive to think they wait until now to invade you privacy...they did since the first day internet was release to the public...but you didn't know...governments doesn't need your permission, they just do when they want...everything you read or heard is already filtered to make you a docile sheep. You live in a illusion world which sole purpose is to format you to be a good customer and docile slave, and it is may be better for 99% of the population because they won't be able to handle what is behind the curtain...


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I'm not one of those who think that everything is peachy.

There is something called citizen disobedience when government has to take citizens opinion into consideration. Educating yourself and those around you that you/we have some rights is essential.


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That sucks, the Clown with the small hands is at it again.

This is on top of the illegal surveillance that various "democratic" governments perpetrate on their citizens. Going right to supply chains to install firmware level malware.