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Artech Information Systems, one of the largest US IT staffing companies, has disclosed a data breach caused by a ransomware attack that affected some of its systems during early January 2020.

Artech is a privately-held firm with an estimated $810 million annual revenue run rate for 2019 and more than 10,500 employees and consultants across the 40 US states, Canada, India, and China.

The company provides staffing and workforce solutions, program management, and government services, and its customer list includes over 80 Fortune 500 clients and US federal government entities.

Ransomware deployed three days after initial breach
The ransomware attack was discovered by Artech after finding ransomware on some systems following reports of unusual activity related to one of its employee’s user accounts.

"That same day Artech engaged a leading third-party forensic investigation firm to assess the security of its systems and to confirm the nature and scope of the incident," a data breach notification letter sent to affected individuals explains [1, 2].