Userbenchmark - the April Fools that never ends


Level 7
Aug 2, 2020
These jokers get so many down votes on their YouTube channel they hide all the dislikes.
scum website lol.jpg


Level 24
Sep 13, 2018
Hmm, yes, I removed my UserBenchmark score from one of my signatures a while ago. I didn't want anyone feeling sorry for me--like: "oh, you poor thing, you actually think that's something to be proud of?" Enthusiasts have been saying for a LONG time that this is not a worthy benchmarking utility. Now, it's even clearer.

This def. puts a cap on an actually long-standing realization that UB is biased in favor of Intel. Now this Reddit ban by Intel: is that gonna change the mindset of UserBenchmark? Who knows, the group behind it prob. earns a lot of commissions on its product links. If the money is flowing, this might upset the apple-cart. I don't know.