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Very excellent summary of what you have learned from this thread @JiSingh12. In light of the fact that you just started your studies, I think it is a good suggestion to concentrate on school and be happy with your config. since you are comfortable with it and it works well for you. (y)


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Hi all, just thought id thank all the people who have responded to the thread
Thanks for the thanks

BTW, what do people think is the most secure, deep cleaning and best (but time-efficient and SSD safe) way to fresh install Windows 10?
Yesterday, I did a "Reset". I chose to keep personal files. Windows did a real lot more than just copying back my Documents folder etc. It saved a lot of settings as well. This spared me a lot of reconfiguring and setting up user accounts, etc, but it was not exactly a fresh start on life. Just sharing my experiences.

Probably, most likely, unintentionally.
If you like this sort of thing, it can be addictive. But if it is keeping you off Facebook, then it is all gain. :)
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