Well-balanced security configuration.

Can you specify which Windows version do you use?
You can add Emsisoft Emergency Kit (freeware) as additional on demand scanner.
CCleaner is more than enough for regular Windows maintenance.
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From Zemana
Hi, it is a good config, just follow the other suggestions.
Only a thing: add also Collusion extension for Firefox or Chrome, which allows you to know which sites are tracking your traffic ;)

Thanks for sharing it :)


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No questions for using Bullguard as long you use those features wisely as possible.

Driver updates should better steer away and check manually as possible. Conduct those updates if there's really an issue.
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I would consider removing auslogics boot speed & driver updater.If you plan on upgrading to 10 boot speed may cause you problems and driver updater IMO is not necessary as drivers are better updated from the manufacturer.
You might consider adding an additional on demand scanner
Looks good! Thanks for sharing your config :)