Privacy Eraser Free is a Windows application developed to clean Internet history and remove Windows unnecessary files.
Pretty helpful if you’re trying to get rid of temporary files, cache, history, cookies and all the other items that take space on your local disks, Privacy Eraser comes with a great amount of options.
The app is mostly focused on the items to be removed, so pay attention to the “Windows” and “Browsers” tab that let you choose these files.
You can for example erase the Windows Clipboard, empty the Recycle Bin, clean the run history, recently opened documents, delete the Windows SWAP file, but also clean Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, AOL and Opera browsers.
Cookies, typed URLs, saved passwords, temporary Internet files and forms data are supported for each browser, so simply enable these options to clean the files.
Privacy Eraser allows users to auto clean the system at Windows startup or shutdown, while also offering dedicated options to start a cleaning task with the press of a hotkey.
What’s more, Privacy Eraser integrates some security options too, letting you configure the overwrite system, choose the character used for overwriting and reset file size to zero bytes.
All things considered, Privacy Eraser is a helpful product, although a more user-friendly approach could appeal to rookies a bit more. There are plenty of features available and while this is indeed a very good thing, those less experienced may need more information on some of the options.

ice GUI
-Easy to use
-Looks like CCleaner on steroids (xD)

hen you are e.g. shredding file or folder, lags while doing it.

Overall rating: 4.5 - Outstanding.

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