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Below are some suggestions to our reviewers:

1) If you use VMs, put enough dedicated RAM so the system will not be slowed

2)- Learn to use the software you are going to review/test; at least for few days to a week by using it daily and doing some researching about the components.

3- For videos, add some text in them when a specific/interesting event happen; it will be easier for the audience to notice it.

4- Avoid hardcore/underground music, you may like it but your audience may not; and will stop watching right away after the beginning of the music. Prefer relaxing music if possible.

5- Avoid very long videos, around 15 minutes is enough, you don't need to cover every options/design aspect of the soft (unless it is what you want to show).

6- Don't "bash/over-love" a product, give the Cons and Pros in a neutral way, you are reviewing not advertising; there is nothing more annoying to see " product x sucks because it failed my link"

7- Try to avoid large list of malware links, a dozen are enough to see the software's response.

8- Try to make your video/written review "clear" to understand, by this I mean a proper resolution for video captures and proper grammar/vocabulary for written ones.

9- Don't spam the forum with old or all your videos, especially if you're a new member here. Prefer posting a thread with a list of linked videos/articles.

10- Censor videos if they contain NSFW / Gross content, videos that do not meet the Forum rules will be removed.

Those suggestions are given to make your reviews more popular and give our forum a wider audience too.

Thank you,

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Jan 8, 2011
Incremental Update added to Written Reviews and Video Reviews.

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You are no longer required to add "video" to their thread titles.
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