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Before using their services, please read their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Vidme is the simplest way to upload and host videos. It's the first video sharing app to let you upload videos without an account. Read more about Vidme in our recent TechCrunch article.

TechCrunch article dates back to Jan 2014.

Our goal is to make video sharing a one-step process for anyone in the world.
  • Other apps are inconvenient and have annoying, multi-step video uploading processes.
  • Other apps force you to create an account, or mix your content with your social media (e.g. Google+).
  • Videos take up a lot of storage space on your phone. Store them on Vidme instead!
  • Other apps have harsh content restrictions. We're not so puritanical — we value free expression.
  • We couldn't find a dead simple way to upload and share videos across platforms.
Available for Android and iOS. However, you can use the Web App to upload anonymously. (*Your location may be recorded)

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Hopefully they make it so everyone who uses the app's location is recorded on their servers/database otherwise they will probably end up with lots of problems regarding video's which show criminal activity or bullying... Who knows?
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