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VirtualBox 4.3.16 released



VirtualBox 4.3.16 is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added since VirtualBox 4.3.14:

VMM: fixed restoring 32-bit FPU state on 64-bit capable VMs and restoring guest FPU in raw-mode VMs (bug #12646; 4.3 regression)
GUI: properly restore normal/scale mode guest-screen size after exiting full-screen/seamless mode
GUI: mini-toolbar should provoke less artifacts/conflicts with 3D guest rendering
GUI: Mac OS X: Native full-screen multi-screen transition was able to blackout host-screens for nearly minute
GUI: X11: Modern window managers should now use native full-screen multi-screen mapping API
GUI: added extradata item for configuring the mouse capture behavior, see the manual for more information (bug #3506)
Storage: fixed a VBoxSVC crash when querying an iSCSI target with authentication configured (4.3.14 regression)
Storage: fixed a rare data corruption during reads if another allocating write is running concurrently and accesses the same range
Storage: fixed a rare crash for certain VHD images from other products
Storage: fixed a rare release assertion when using the AHCI controller
Floppy: fixed read errors and guest memory corruption when running under control of QEMM
3D: added experimental support for rendering on offline GPUs for Mac OS X host
3D: fixed white window appearing on entering FullScreen mode on OSX host
3D: fixed video recording support for 3D data regression (bug #13073)
3D: fixes for MS Office 2013 support
3D: several fixes
Bridged Networking: improved IPv6 support when bridging to a wireless interface
NAT: prevent internal DNS service from stuck in host-resolver mode when host was switched from one network to another one while host was sleeping (Mac OS X hosts)
NAT: preserve DF (if possible) and TOS when proxying outbound UDP datagrams (bugs #9440, #12309)
NAT: don't let multicast datagrams out (bug #7338)
NAT: fixed handling of large incoming UDP datagrams on Windows hosts (bug #12136)
NAT: fixed handling of the RFC 1533 DHCP PAD option
NAT Network: fixed inbound half-close on Windows hosts
NAT Network: preserve IPv4 DF (if possible), TTL, TOS and IPv6 Hop Limit when proxying outbound UDP datagrams
VRDP: fixed a rare crash when using remote audio input
USB: fixed several regressions from 4.3.14 (bug #13320)
Audio: made the HDA sound emulation work with certain OSX guests (e.g. Mountain Lion)
Windows hosts: fixed startup problems on certain Windows hosts due to conflicts with anti-virus software (4.3.14 regression, bug #13187)
Windows hosts: fixed 4.3.14 regression whereby AltGr stopped working for some people (bug #13216)
X11 hosts: made the extra key on Brazilian Thinkpads work (bug #8745)
X11 hosts: fixed a problem of input focus cycles and immediately released key presses in full screen mode (bug #13238)
Linux hosts: fixed flooding the kernel log with USB related messages when passing through certain USB devices to a VM (bug #13085)
Linux guests: stop applications crashing when drm_wait_vblank is called (bug #13265)
Linux guests: fix a crash in gnome-session (bug #13335)
X11 guests: do not start VBoxClient over an SSH connection (bug #13107)
X11 guests: added support for X.Org Server 1.16 (bug #13207)

Discuss the 4.3.16 release here. See the changelog for details.


Q: Why are the packages about 6-7MB smaller in comparison with VBox 4.3.14?
A: The X11 drivers as part of the Guest Additions got smaller due to some optimizations in the code. As the same code is compiled for a lot of X11/X.org versions (and for Linux and Solaris guests), the savings are quite visible (remember, every package includes the Guest Additions .iso).

Q: Will VBox 4.3.16 fix all problems users experienced with the introduction of Windows hardening in VBox 4.3.14?
A: Most likely not all problems but VBox 4.3.16 should work for a lot of more users. If you still have problems with starting VMs on Windows, please provide the VBoxStartup.log file to help us fixing the remaining problems.