New Update Vivaldi Snapshot 2328.3 introduces Accordion Tab Stacking


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Aug 17, 2014
Vivaldi Snapshot 2328.3 has been released to the public, and it introduces a couple of new features. If you thought vertical tabs and tab stacks were great, wait till you try the new way to organize your tabs.

The snapshot brings accordion tab stacks. The new feature isn't enabled by default. Navigate to Vivaldi's menu > Settings > Tabs. Scroll down the page until you see the Tab Stacking section. Toggle the Accordion Tabs option, and it is ready to use. The compact and two-level stacking options are still there, in case you were worried about that.

Open a few tabs, select them and create a stack using the tab context menu. The accordion tabs feature will collapse all tabs of the stack under a single tab, i.e., only the last tab that you accessed in the tab is shown on the tab bar. Click the arrow button to the right of the stack to display the other tabs. Or, you can mouse over the accordion tab stack to preview a list of the tabs in it. The badge next to the tab title indicates the number of tabs in a stack.

Here's an animated demo of Vivaldi's accordion tabs.

Vivaldi accordion tab stacks demo

If you switch to a different stack or a normal tab, the according stack collapses automatically, so you don't have to click the arrow. This option may look familiar to some of you, if you have used older versions of the Opera browser. If you can't recall it, you can view a screenshot of it in Martin's article.

There is no denying that accordion tabs in Vivaldi are cool, but the new addition is not without its flaws. The arrow icon is very narrow, so it takes a bit of an effort to click it correctly without hitting the next tab. It needs an easier way to do this, as some user comments have noted, a double click gesture would be a better implementation. The single-tab (stacked) view is expanded automatically if you click on the tab, which is a little annoying. For context, it should only be expanded when the arrow button is clicked. The tab expansion issue also happens if you add a new tab (drag and drop) to the stack, or if you close a tab from the hover list.

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