VLC maker put on the spot by Microsoft & Google, says app stores were a mistake


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Apr 24, 2016
When Apple was accused by developers that they don’t open up their store to more apps, or that they need to comply to almost unattainable conditions to do so, Microsoft and Google were on developers’ side. .

Recently, the U.S. Government went after all the big tech companies, including Apple, Amazon and Google regarding monopoly concerns, according to abc News. There are obviously higher issues at stake but it all starts with the small developers asking for help and recognition.

Now, the French from VideoLAN (the developers of the VLC media player) are complaining on X that they cannot update their app on Google Play and Microsoft Store because the tech companies refuse to help them. The developer clearly is fed up with the big companies’ lack of cooperation or flexibility, asking for attention on social media.

From what we understand, the issue is not really about updating the app, but in fact about reducing security or dropping a lot of users, as the VLC officials mention in the X post.

So, about the Android version, VideoLAN says that the update would mean dropping support for Android TV before API-30 and leaving the Android TV users without fixes for their potential problems.

Jonny Quest

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Mar 2, 2023
One of my favorite apps, thank goodness for Windows users this doesn't seem to be that much of an issue, as it will still get the updates.

And the most affected by this issue are really the VLC users who can expect instability and security issues in the absence of an update. Fortunately, the Windows users can still download the latest VLC version directly from the dedicated website. However, there is no download link for the Android app on their website.

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